How to get involved

💶 Economic boycott

The easiest way to fight Turkey’s war efforts is not to support the authoritarian regime of dictator Erdoğan economically.

Don’t go on holiday to Turkey, convince your friends to use an airline other than Turkish Airlines and don’t buy Turkish goods and services.

✊ Direct actions and happenings

You can also highlight the crimes of the Turkish regime through direct actions and happenings against the Turkish representation in the Czech Republic.

Inspiration can be drawn from abroad, where blockades of Turkish airlines or companies that arm the Turkish regime often take place.

📚 Help with translating

We would greatly appreciate help with translating materials from English, or Turkish and Kurdish. We strive to bring unique materials and otherwise unavailable information to the Czech environment, whether it be translations of articles about current events in Northern Syria and Turkey, interesting brochures or entire books. If you would like to help us in any way, we would be happy to hear from you.

🗺️ Help on the spot

You can find out how to support the Rojava Revolution on the ground at the Internationalist Commune website.